Monday, February 27, 2006

On Crazy Old Apes

Dear Life,
You sure are weird sometimes.
Sometimes I get the feeling that this whole tripped out existence of ours is just some elaborate joke, and that The Big Man Upstairs resembles more closely this crazy grinning simian rather than some old codger with flowing robes and a sage white beard. It certainly makes more sense. Perhaps God isn't so omniscient after all. Maybe he's just some crazy, ancient gorilla hurling his crusty poop at all of humanity and pounding his chest in gleeful satisfaction when it splats upon its mark. What if we're all just running around our whole lives, dodging the inevitable smack of monkey feces before it hits us in the forehead? I spend so much of my time sorting through the rubbish of the world in order to attain some sort of meaning and purpose for myself, but the longer I sift through all the shit, the more frustrated and further away from any answer I get. Perhaps that's the point.
These are strange days.
P.S. I am fully aware that in my last entry, I used the word "yolked" when I meant to say "yoked." That was embarrasing. But I'm too lazy to edit it. My apologies.


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