Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Cosmo Quote of the Day:
"Better keep your damn pants on, hear me you guys?" -- Cosmo, on population control
Cosmo, for those of you who don't know, is this schizophrenic guy that frequents Hawk's regularly. He's out of his mind. But quite entertaining. Think Frankenstein, only skinny as a rail, a chain smoker who never has cigarettes, hair that hasn't been washed in decades, the sweetest wardrobe you've ever laid eyes on, and bat-fricking crazy. That's Cos. Wow.
Bonus Quote of the Day:
"Acid's crazy, man. This one time, I actually thought I was a glass of water, and all I could think about was not getting spilt" -- Tony, on why he wonders why I don't hang out with him.
Additional Quote of the Day:
"Yeah, a house just fell on her sister, and she's pretty fricking pissed" -- Jammin, on a cranky female bar employee, as well as a sweet Wizard of Oz reference
I know some weird people, man...


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