Thursday, May 05, 2005

So, I went to middle school with this kid we called Yoshi. To this day, I'm not sure why we called him Yoshi, other than that time coincided perfectly with the introduction of that little dinosaur lizard thing in "Super Mario World." His real name is Josh. He was the guy who, on fill-in-the-blank tests, would write Jean Claude Van Damme in as the guy who penned the Declaration of Independence. A weird dude, to say the least. We used to get into all sorts of trouble together: stealing candy, sneaking into movies, all that "really rebellious" stuff you do as a kid in your early teens. Anyway, I was thinking about him today, for the first time in years probably, because he was really hyper-active. I mean, really hyper-active. From time to time, he'd have these fits in class where he couldn't stop laughing: it was kind of tragic in a super hilarious way. We'd live for these episodes because he'd disrupt class so badly that all teaching would come to an immediate halt, and we'd have to wait sometimes for half the period for him to calm down. He used to have to carry around this little rectangle thing that looked kind of like something you'd scrub your dirty dishes with, and when he started to freak out, he'd rub this magical object on his arm, thus somehow assuaging the impending incident. It worked like a charm. Usually. One day in eighth grade, he just stopped coming to school--vanished like some giggling banshee. I heard that he was committed, but I prefer to believe that he was devoured by lions.
The point being, I think I need one of those mystical calmer-downer-dish-scrubber strips for my new cat. Have I mentioned that she gets easily over-stimulated? It's a good thing she's a cute little booger, or else she'd be in the lake.


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