Friday, May 20, 2005

Bridge Troll

Work was done, money was made, and it'll all be spent by tomorrow...
There's nothing like finishing up with a long day at two in the a.m., plopping your ass on the couch, cracking a beer, drinking it, and absorbing silence. Well, silence and the beer. Aside from my lunatic cat running frantic laps throughout the apartment, I have no roommate to deal with, no sign at all of upstairs neighbors banging to deal with, no nothing. My stereo is even off, which is rare. It's been a while since I've been able to sit with the windows open at this time of night and appreciate the void of sound that accompanies it, save for the occasional car cruising down East Wash and a few lonely crickets playing their fiddles. Ah, solitude.
A woman actually banged repeatedly on her almost empty pint of beer tonight to get my attention. Which was new. It was like what you do at a wedding to get the bride and groom to smooch, but I didn't get to kiss anyone. And it was loud. I could hear it all the way in the kitchen, which was where I was when this crazy urinal cake of a woman decided I needed to be summoned. I've been snapped at and obnoxiously hailed in all kinds of ways by all kinds of yuppie idiots, but this was a first. Thanks, bridge-troll-looking lady. Thanks a bunch.
Quote of the Day:
"There the fuck is Damon!" -- Rob, on being asked where the fuck was Damon? (OK, this quote was actually from like a week ago, but I just thought of it, and it made me chuckle)
Actual Quote of the Day:
"Ow, the water here is really fricking hard!" -- Taco, on being pelted in the face with an ice cube
Joke of the Day:
A Catholic Priest and a Jewish Rabbi are sitting together on a park bench. After a bit, a little boy comes walking by, and the priest says to the rabbi, "We should screw that kid." To which the rabbi responded, "Out of what?"
Alright, that's enough. Bye.


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