Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Black Spotted Lady Bug Toy

Well, I think stasis has been restored. There was no snow today, which is good considering it's MAY, for frick's sake, and the dust has settled following another go at the Mifflin St. Block Party. This is the first year in five that I have partaken in sobriety on this day of days, instead of diving head first into the revelry. I had to work. But I was OK with that. Despite not being directly involved in the mass destruction of millions of collective brain cells in the compact, four block radius, I did get my fair share of the spillover on State Street while dredged in at Hawk's. I felt as though I was in a bad George Romero remake. The zombie hoard was thick, drunk, and thirsty. Very thirsty. Strong drink was all that could keep them at bay, and I was happy to throw at them whatever spirits I was able. Some were menacing 28 Days Later zombies, while many of the others did the slow shuffle of the early movies. Either way there was vomiting.
Needless to say, I then had no choice to become a blathering idiot myself, seeing as it was my only night last week to make due on a night out. Birthdays were celebrated, times were had. The group was reduced to middle schoolers somewhere in the course of the evening. I'm not going to get into it.
Oh, and I got a cat. It just seemed to make sense. Long story. Got her yesterday from the Humane Society. Her name's Zoe. She's black and was bred for her skills in magic and sweet ninja abilities. She's a lot healthier-looking than old, tattered Cruiser (God rest her little soul), although she has a propensity for acquiring much filmy gunk in her right eye, as well as becoming "easily over-stimulated." So basically I've gone from one cat with acute Down Syndrome to one who needs periodic time-outs in the corner when she gets too hyper. Awesome.
Right now, she's perched on top of the T.V., eying up her mortal enemy, Black Spotted Lady Bug Toy. She hates that fucking bug.
Cosmo Quote of the Day:
"Time to give Bozo the Clown and Howdy Doody the Chair for raping America's children. You hear me, don't you?" -- on (innocently) being asked what time it was


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